Things to do in cheltenham 

Cheltenham attracts a large number of visitors each year, and it’s easy to see why. From beautiful views, to great food, to top quality arts and culture, there is something for everyone. If you’re interested in enhancing your next trip, with exciting and engaging things to do, look no further. Below you will see our most recommended sights. 

1. Pittville Park

Pittville Park opened in 1825, and is the largest park in Cheltenham. It was founded by Joseph Pitt. With magnificent lakes and views, a trip to this park is a must! It contains two lakes, a boat house, gardens and three cafes. There are also tennis courts, a gold course and the Pump Room ( a beautiful and grand building that is often celebrated). The architecture here is incredible and sets some of the finest architect examples. 

2. Cheltenham Town Hall

Back in the 19th century the old assembly rooms would be where everyone would meet for concerts in cheltenham. This was then demolished, with plans for the space to become a bank at the turn of the century. The building was designed by architect Frederick William Waller and rebuilt in 1903. The total cost of the building was around £45,000. As time went on the building was more and more developed. In 1916, two statues of King Edward Vll and King George V in robes were placed on either side of the main stage. Both where gifts from Mr T.E. Whittaker and Mrs Boulton themselves. The now beautiful and impresive building holds all year round events, as well as private functions and hospitality. If your in cheltenham and enjoy live music, comedy, exhibits and festivals then this is the place to be. 

3. Sandford Parks Lido

Sandford Parks Lido was opened in 1935, The heated pool was a unique feature which involved staff to stoke the coal fire boiler. As heated pools was uncommon, first time visitors were often pleasantly surprised to find that it was. By the early 1990's the Lido was under threat as indoor swimming pools were starting to come more popular. This was then made worse when a survey was done on the pool and showed that it was on unstable grounds and would likely have a life expectancy of ten years. Thankfully the council were able to find a way forward. By 1996 a charitable trust was formed. The charity invested an impresive £370,000 on refurbishments, £250,000 was raised by donations, along with £50,000 from the environmental trust. The pool was finally opened in 2007. Theyre open throughout summer and are a fantastic and fun place to go on a hot summers day with your family.

4. Sudeley Castle

Sudely castle remains the only private castle left in England to have a queen buried within the grounds - Queen Katherine Parr, she was the last surviving wife of King Henry Viii (he died in the castle) 

Its an impressive beautiful castle built in the 15th century. The castle has a beautiful garden, which is maintained to a high standard. 

It's also one of the very few castles that are still a residence. The castle is still open to visitors on specific days, however the private family quarters are shut off to the public. Its a grade I listed building and has incredible structure. If your looking for a fun day out, to see some incredible architecture then the Sudeley Castle is a must!